Chris Van Dusen on Flight to Fly podcast with Tia Manzoni

Chris Van Dusen on Fight to Fly Podcast with Tia Manzoni

Solyco Capital’s Senior Partner, Chris Van Dusen, engages in a compelling conversation with Tia Minzoni on her podcast – Fight to Fly. They discuss the journey of building and running businesses as an entrepreneur, Solyco’s unique and revolutionary venture capital approach and operating model, reaching a company’s full potential and growth (through a harmonious blend of grit, determination and an unwavering belief), and living your legacy and leaving a lasting impact for future generations.

Fight to Fly Podcast

The Fight to Fly Show is a podcast and digital video show that interviews guests who have fought through the most incredible battles, overcome extraordinary battles, and become high achievers. Host, Tia Minzoni, is a pioneering business growth strategist and visionary executive, renowned for her unwavering success in business acquisition, leadership, and fractional CMO partnerships with Fortune 1000 companies across multiple verticals. As CEO of Stella Jets, she’s steered unprecedented growth in the aviation sector, showcasing her strategic foresight. Tia’s authority extends beyond the boardroom; she’s a thought leader featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and more, solidifying her status as a formidable figure in both global and community circles.

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