About Us

Solyco Capital’s X-Factor

Extremely Important to Entrepreneurs
  • Access to capital that suits their specific situation (Family office/VC/PE)
  • Un-biased advice and action on financial strategy (Investment Bank)
  • Functional leadership talent as a “Doer” (Operational Strength)
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Scalable value-add service platform for back office functions


  • Un-biased actionable advice on financial strategy (Investment Bank)
  • Functional leadership talent as a “Doer” (Operational Strength)
Investors Are Looking For
  • Eco-system that de-risks their investment
  • Scalable back-office infrastructure
  • Superior risk-adjusted returns

Our Unique Value

Capital Access

Solyco Capital has access to Capital from both institutional investors and high net worth individuals (HNI).


Depending on the company’s stage of evolution, the type of capital needed varies significantly. Solyco Capital expends significant time in understanding the entrepreneur’s needs and develops a capital strategy that most effectively satisfies those objectives.


Given that Solyco Capital directly co-invests into the opportunity, this translates into strong investor confidence.


Solyco Capital’s platform is able to leverage our internal service capabilities (such as CFO, CSO, accounting/HR back office, etc) and broad network of collaborators, including advisors with deep industry experience, and early adopters to commercialize the service/product.

Shoulder to Shoulder

Solyco Capital has effective hands-on involvement at the earliest stage.


The value of a seasoned leadership team with significant start-up, growth, and global corporate experience cannot be understated for an early stage company.


Innocuous choices such as equity grants, option pools, vendor terms, customer terms, etc. can adversely impact the business and capitalization process.

Desired Results

Solyco Capital has built a reputation of delivering high impact results for our clients. Services include:


  • Strategic Advising
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Capital Formation/Raising
  • Real Estate (Nonrecourse Debt)
  • Equity Offerings and Debt Issuances (Senior and Subordinated)
  • Business Reorganization
  • Restructuring & Recapitalization
  • Operational Improvements/Turnarounds
  • Management Buyout Services
  • Portfolio Analysis
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