Leadership Spotlight: Jake Slatnick of FreePower


FreePower: In 2017, Freepower began their journey to revolutionize a technology that had fallen short of expectations. Today, they proudly hold over 230 patents, showcasing their groundbreaking innovations in wireless charging hardware, software, and magnetics. After years of refinement, they’re teaming up with elite fabricators, architects, designers, and builders to seamlessly integrate power into countertops within homes and communal spaces, shaping the future of modern living.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jake-slatnick/

What is your “Why?” – In life and business. 

I want to build products that have positive impact on the lives of many. With FreePower I’m able to do that by bringing wireless charging to surfaces everywhere. As the world becomes more connected and we become more dependent on our daily devices, we need to keep those devices seamlessly powered. If you dissect our mission – to bring power to every surface so we never think about charging again – you’ll see our foundational goal is to keep devices powered at all times. It’s our small way of contributing to the acceleration of technology and the power that keeps it running.

What is the most important business lesson you have learned in starting your company? 

The most important lesson I’ve learned is to take a path untraveled and have the resolve to see it through. When Apple announced a technology similar to ours in 2017, and then cancelled it in 2019, just about anyone who looked at the tech we were building said it was impossible to make it work. I mean who could do this if not Apple? Our team stuck with it, we viewed every major challenge with an unconventional point of view, worked through each major roadblock, and developed a truly special technology. We now have more than 230 patent assets; we are really the only company in the world that can do surface style wireless charging and have partnered with great companies like Tesla to get the technology out there in the world.

The most important lesson I’ve learned is to take a path untraveled and have the resolve to see it through.

What values are important to you that you incorporate into the company you are building? 

There are so many core values important to any successful business, especially ones when building high-performing teams. But to focus this question on the core values that we’ve developed specific to our success as an early-stage company – I’d say laser focus, outside-the-box thinking, to follow the physics not the status-quo, don’t be afraid to build what hasn’t been built, and good old fashioned hard work from everyone.

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