John Garcia recording a podcast

John Garcia’s Enlightening Discussion on Private Equity Fast Pitch Podcast

Private Equity Fast PitchJohn Garcia - Solyco Capital

Solyco Capital Managing Member John Garcia joins Private Equity Fast Pitch’s Jeff Henningsen to talk about our approach to investment strategies, how to craft an investment-grade business plan, the strategic advantages of owning an accounting and private wealth firm in investment endeavors, life, mentorship, inspiration, and more.

About Private Equity Fast Pitch
Private Equity Fast Pitch

Put on by Northstar, “Private Equity Fast Pitch” podcasts are meaningful, insightful and provide actionable information from leaders in the private equity community. Each Tuesday, moderator Jeff Henningsen from Lockton will spend time talking with his friends in the private equity community while they share insight into their world. Similar to an introductory meeting, Private Equity and Investment Banking guests will talk about their firms, recent activities, target industries, desired acquisition profile or companies they are prepping for sale, advice to aspiring professionals and their “closing pitch.” The podcast ranked #2 on DealRoom’s Top 10 Best Private Equity Podcasts.

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