Sara Blackmer in front of American flag to discuss life and leadership lessons learned in the military

Five Life and Leadership Lessons I Learned in the Military

Senior Partner Sara Blackmer sits with Authority Magazine to discuss Five Life and Leadership Lessons I Learned in the Military.

Along with lessons she gleaned from her time in the military, Sara shares more about the unique work she is currently doing, what it means to be a hero, and advice for leaders to help their teams thrive. The full article can be read here.

Be fierce about team culture. It is the responsibility of the leader. Spend time curating a team that not only has the skills and experience required to do the work — but that also has the character qualities that drive trust. A solid trust factor is key to strong team dynamics.

Sara Blackmer, Senior Partner

Sara Blackmer is a Tech Executive delivering wins for tech focused companies in defense and commercial markets. She has extensive experience in leadership, teambuilding, creative problem solving, executive business development, customer relationships, and corporate strategy. 

Sara is a decorated veteran and retired after a 20-year career in the United States Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer.

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